It was 1974

Bob Dylan sang "Times are Changing".

The long dictatorship was dying, the not distant French may´68 and that mystical philosophy that impregnated our way of life: "make love not war", allowed us to live in an atmosphere of optimism and hope.

Ginsberg, Kerouac, Allan Watts, who provided us with our first insight into Oriental philosophies, were our bedside authors.

Moreover, we were in the perfect place: the magical island, splendid and calm. It seemed a better world was possible.

Within this context, the city council granted the first 8 licenses for street vending on the "Calle Mayor" and surroundings. More than 75 followed those first 8 young people. Inspired by the Mediterranean, source of great cultures that disembarked on the island throughout the centuries and due to the "live in peace" philosophy, we started to work leather, metals and Mauritanian stones. This is how today´s oldest street market on the island began..

38 years have gone by, some companions have changed course, others have left us on the way and, although a little smaller, the "Port market" continues to throb at the heart of the "Marina". The “veterans” and new generations continue to work with enthusiasm, believing a more just world is still possible.